With its advanced technology production capability, it is capable of custom version-made production as per required characteristics and it strengthens its internationally renowned position with its high quality day by day.
With its robotic production process, it has achieved a sustainable production standart and it has taken its place in Turkish Bakery/Confectionary Equipment Industry with its structure which is all domestic capital.
With customer satisfaction and quality-oriented approach, we have taken an innovative perspective from the beginning and adopted the basic principle in all production processes and its made investments accordingly.

Thanks to Klematis’s strong points;
. Material-Stainless Steel: only first-class Europan made
. Production Standarts&Controls: using industrial robots and innovative high-automation equipment
. Fast Delivery Term&Flexibility: considerable quantity of bowls,spirals and central bars always available ex-stock and also with efficient production facilities allow us to provide maximum quickness to our customers.
. Surface Finishing: Available mirror or satin finishing  external surface of bowls and  satin or diamond pattern finishing internal surface of bowls    

Klematis, Made in Turkey